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Meet Dovie Yoana King, domestic violence survivor, single mother and 

award-winning victim’s rights attorney elected to Town Meeting

After ending her abusive marriage to a fellow lawyer with close ties to the labor movement and the Democratic Party in San Diego, California, Dovie felt bullied, marginalized and betrayed by progressive members of the local community who universally turned their backs on her and sided with her abuser. Dovie was unprepared to deal with the "collective backlash" that came from the political left, but she did not let it deter her from making a comeback. 

In 2017, Dovie packed her bags and permanently moved with her young child to Belmont, Massachusetts to restart her life. She is using her voice to draw attention to the issue of violence against women. 

“When I thought about how I could regain my power and set a positive example for my son,” Dovie explains, “I was immediately drawn to politics.” 

Dovie first decided to run for a position as Belmont delegate to the 2018 Massachusetts Democratic Convention, and won big. “It felt like winning Olympic gold,” Dovie says about the election results. “Though I was new in town and a first-time candidate, I earned more votes than any other contender at the Democratic Caucus," she explains. That made her realize that voters are thirsty for a fresh perspective. 

Subsequently, Dovie threw her hat in the race for Town Meeting in Belmont's April 3, 2018 town election, and earned a seat in Precinct 7. Dating back to the 17th century in New England, Town Meeting is a form of direct democracy. It is marked by community members coming together to authorize major policies, vote on budget and approve amendments to the Town General By-Laws and Zoning By-Laws.  

“I am excited to join Belmont's legislative body!" Dovie asserts. "As a survivor of domestic violence, I will bring a new kind of diversity to the table and advocate for victims of gender violence." She says. "However, to be clear, I plan to be a voice for all members of the community because together we are stronger.”

Dovie is also an elected member of the Executive Board of the Belmont Democratic Town Committee, serving as the Affirmative Action-Outreach Adviser. "It is important for me to give voice to the voiceless and encourage full civic participation by all segments of the population, including people of color, immigrants, the disabled, youth, low-income individuals, elders, women and others." 

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