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Three years ago, I made a big life and soul decision. Three years ago today I said, “I’m done.” He said, “Done with what?” I said, “Done being married to you.”

It was not planned, I did not even know what I meant. All I knew is that it was time. I had been asking, silently, “Is it time?” and kept hearing, “Not yet," until that fateful day.

It was time. Time to leave abuse. Time to begin healing more deeply, time to rebuild myself. Time for safety, peace and calm. It was not easy. Not at all. I really didn’t know what would lie ahead.

Since leaving him I have learned so much about angry and abusive men, personality disorders, covert and hidden abuse, trauma bonding and the silent epidemic of the misuse of power and control. I’ve also met the most amazing companions on this journey, fellow survivors, and traveled inside my heart towards healing that has been life changing.

I feel gratitude for the journey. I feel pride in my healing and peace in my home. I am committed to continued education, healing, forgiveness and love.

Always love.

Thank you, Life, for this amazing journey... I bow to your strength and steadfast way you continue to show the way to a bigger heart and expanded awareness of Truth.

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