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Erin Morgan

University of San Diego School of Law

Erin Morgan is a third year law student at the University of San Diego School of Law. She is currently the President of the Criminal Law Society and Vice Chair of the Pro Bono Legal Advocates. She is also a member of the Women’s Law Caucus.

Erin is a passionate advocate for victims of sexual crimes and domestic violence. As a high school student, Erin was personally impacted by the deaths of two young women in her San Diego community who were raped and murdered by a common perpetrator. Erin decided to focus her academic studies in college on the problem of sex crimes by writing an honors thesis about the need for new legislation to address the problem.

As a law student, Erin has volunteered her time helping children at a domestic violence shelter, participating in “Break the Silence” awareness events and helping at a family abuse center. She has further gained hands-on experience helping low-income litigants at a domestic violence restraining order clinic working directly with victims of domestic abuse, elder abuse and civil harassment. She is skilled at interviewing victims, writing declarations, filling out court forms and walking people through the legal process of seeking a temporary restraining order.

Erin says, "Due to my work at the clinic, I have learned more about my role with domestic violence clients. I have learned that while I am there to listen and hear their struggles, I am primarily there to provide clients with legal protection. Without a temporary restraining order, these clients are at risk." 

SOAR for Justice is proud to award Erin with a $500 Scholarship to help her continue her advocacy on behalf of victims.