Daniel Laguna

SOAR Scholarship Committee Member

Deciding on an area of law to practice in during school or the infancy of your attorney career can be tremendously difficult. Thankfully, at this stage in your career the desire to help others is at its peak. In seeking to maintain that commitment, I encourage you to consider volunteering at your local domestic violence clinic. I am confident it will cultivate your desire to grow in this rewarding field.

After graduating from law school, I decided to open up my own family law practice. I took on several pro bono domestic violence cases and volunteered at a domestic violence legal clinic. This work was very meaningful. Then an opportunity to work at a nonprofit presented itself and eventually I became the supervisor for the domestic violence restraining order clinic, giving me the ability to grow in my commitment to domestic violence survivors.

Representing survivors of abuse is incredibly gratifying as you are guiding people toward a life without abuse. You are shedding light in perhaps the darkest moments of a person's life. As a domestic violence attorney you have the opportunity to educate the court on the trauma your client has endured and why protection is necessary. You also have the opportunity to establish a record that may eventually be used in the future criminal prosecution of the abuser. Most importantly, you can be the voice for children who experience abuse but are often unheard. While each case presents its own set of difficulties, it also fuels your energy for the next case. This is why I choose to be a domestic violence attorney.

If you are debating embarking on this career track, I encourage you to volunteer at your local domestic violence clinic to get a sense of the work. I am confident it will cultivate your desire to grow in this field.

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