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Cindy Muro

UC Hastings College of the Law

Cindy Muro is a first year law student at UC Hastings College of the Law. She entered law school with solid experience helping Spanish-speaking survivors of domestic violence at a restraining order legal clinic. In college, she was active in various Latino student organizations.

Cindy has undertaken various leadership positions that afford her the opportunity to serve people whose voices often go unheard. She has also dedicated her time as a JusticeCorps member to helping victims at a restraining order legal clinic, earning a prestigious award for her work. On a clear path to becoming a future public interest attorney, Cindy states that, "Restraining orders can give someone the distance they desperately need to successfully break the cycle of abuse. It has underscored my passion and reassured me that I am investing in the right career."

Cindy is the recipient of a $500 SOAR for Justice Scholarship. We congratulate her for realizing her goal of attending law school while advocating for victims and their children. 

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