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California Western School of Law

Jennifer Smith (name has been changed to protect recipient's identity) is currently a third year law student. She is a member of the Women's Law Caucus, Public Interest Law Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union. 

Jennifer is a survivor of intimate partner abuse. She describes the experience in her own words: "The abuse began slowly but escalated quickly... I was in a state of constant physical and emotional pain." Unfortunately, the domestic abuse thwarted Jennifer's initial attempts to pursue a law school education, but she did not easily give up. Luckily, Jennifer reached out for help to escape the violent relationship and focused her recovery on rebuilding her life away from her abuser.

As a future attorney, Jennifer hopes to use her career to help others "as others have helped me." Her decision to attend law school is greatly motivated by a passion to "improve the lives of others."

Jennifer is the recipient of a $500 SOAR for Justice scholarship award. We congratulate her for courageously sharing her story, shedding light on the dangers of domestic violence and giving hope to other survivors that their dreams to pursue an education can come true.